Tall bikes, tall bikes, tall bikes. Ever since the Scallywags and Black Label clubs came down to ride with us in the St Ratrick's Parade, everyone wants a tall bike! But Chicago has a long undiscovered history of tall bikes.

The PIDGIN was the first Rat Patrol tall bike, so named for the rider's experience as a "flying rat". Note the long fork: this is actually a tall chopper! This design is a little more difficult to climb up than the more standard tall bike. Its always a few degrees colder and windier up there.

A gift from the Black Label Bike Club of Minneapolis: 151

Johnny takes off on his trip-hi, JANEANE GARTALLFALO. See a movie of this bike as seen in Bike Traffic.

The Scallywags respond to the challenge with LITTLE JOHN.

Erika attacks the cardboard tower on CAUSTIC SODA.

After the theft of the Contusionator, Dan built a new tallbike, the H2. (more about the bike).

Matt hops on a bike just minutes old

Hans with 8-BIT

Rachel finally found a 24" rear wheel to finish her tall bike INFECTED WITH RAGE

Jane takes off on TERRANCE HILL

Aurora is now the owner of TERRANCE HILL

McD riding 151

Plumber Mike's masterpiece is the tall bike SCRUBMASTER to which he has welded extra valves, chains and souvenirs salvaged from old building boiler rooms.

Dan with his aptly named CONTUSIONATOR. Painful! (more photos, and the story of the theft of the Contusionator).

Erika riding 151

Bill and his SPECIAL ED.

Scam build this incredibly blurry tandem tall bike.

Last but not least, a short tall bike by Al.