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Secret Mens Business

Builder: Nancy Porker

Type: Standard run of the mill tallHistory: The donation of two identical racer frames from the Cheney family screamed "build a tall". It was the second (or maybe third - can't remember) tallbike in the RPOz fleet. The ancient dynamo on the bottom bike works nicely.What's in a name?: Secret Mens Business was built on Valentine's Day 2006, in the shed, with lots of beers, by three blokes. There's also a reference to the donor in the title, but that's a secret! :)

Most memorable ride: Without a doubt, the Sydney to the Gong charity ride for MS amidst 10,000 other riders. Tearing up a hill past a pack of matching lycra clad freaks calling out "put it in lads" and watching half of them nearly fall off their bikes. The stop at Gunjulla Flat. Peering over the guard rails of Sea-cliff bridge in a 50km/hr headwind. Beers at every pub along the way. Dave. Has anyone seen Dave?


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