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The Anachronaut!


Brandi Wrektem, wit a little help from my friendz


Steampunk tallbike


A gent's road frame (trad Aussie Malvern Star) welded on top of a lady's frame (an Apollo, with dual tie-rod top tubes). Secret-squirrel extended headtube and steerer, just like the Good Doctor ordered. Driveline is a Shimano Biopace asymmetric chainring mated to a single-speed hub. Blinged out with inverted chicken-chaser handlebar (taped not gripped), brass 'heart-stopper' horn from an Indian pedecab, Victorian-era carbide lamp fitted with LEDs and a fabbo bit of Oz cycling history: a vintage Pierce Bell leather saddle.


The Flux Capacitor Mark I (pictured) has been dismounted for a major redesign, to be replaced with the Mark II - a chain-driven and very real Van der Graaf generator. — youch!!


Most Memorable Ride: a 45 minute odyssey to Woden to demonstrate the secrets of tallbike riding to noobs, only to end up with my arm in a cast for three months!


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