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Descending Into Darkness

The bike got its name because the front wheel was white, frame pink, and rear tyre black. This indicated descending from light to darkness. The rear rim used to be brown (prior to it perishing completely) and due to this I was named Loose Brown during the naming ceremony. I got off lightly.


Loose Brown


PINK chopper


The revolutionary larger-sized front wheel ensures the pilot is capable of high speeds. These are slightly inhibited by the knees smashing into the handlebars though. But chicks dig symmetrical bruises. I was eventually to get pissed off with it and add lots of other things to it that improved its handling such as an extended bottom bracket and huge reinforcing once the front forks started to bend. Later on came a banana seat.


Secretly I took it away and sprayed it pink before anyone could say anything.


I piloted it to two victories in a row at the first BBQ bike-attended race-around-the-Carillion. I have spewed while riding it without stopping. I have outmanouvered a V8 farkstick trying to run me down when leaving Tropfest. I nearly came off at 60km/h at the bottom of Wattle Street when a swooping magpie got me.

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