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The Guvna (girl chopper)


G Banger & Harold Paytard


Girly chopper


G Banger wanted a girly "chopper" (even thought that doesn't exist), so she made the forks long n' chunky and painted it pink — no, it was "fuscia" and "coral" coloured! We'll never forget when G Banger turned up to her first build day witha large box of plastic gloves. She used one pair for about 5 minutes of shame. The box still lives in the Rat Patrol workshop and turned out to be very handy when we decided to build a tall amphibious couch trike...

Recently modified by Harold Paytard with a sprung joint mid-frame — HA HA!!! Pic will be here soon...


Because G Banger was going out with some idiot dick who was jealous to his flakey core; she wasn't allowed to have any contact with other boys while she was seeing this one, that even applied to Rat Patrollians. GLAD TO HAVE YOU BACK G Banger!!!!!! We love you!


Many Interstaters have been surprised to find that it actually rides very well... with the same position as your average MTB, guests can bearly tell the difference!


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