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The Impala Impaler (aka 'The Impaler' for short)


Nancy Porker with a little creative imput from homebrew and fellow Rats


Not technically a chopper... definitely not a tallbike... it's in a class of it's own — a lo-ng bike perhaps — an Impaler?


It began with near identical kids cruiser frames Free Spirit (blue) and Cyclops (yellow) which looked so good joined headstem to headstem with one inverted that I couldn't not do that. I wanted it to be able to cruise long distances with a load, so I elected for a near recumbent riding position (although it's a mean fast aerodynamic beast if you reach forward and grab the bars near the gooseneck with feet waay back on the original cyclops axle). I also wanted sweet handling, so the rake angle is fairly modest. The bars took ages to get right. I wanted it to be uber comfortable, and wanted to be able to hold the bars with both hands in a turn. Given the long distance from gooseneck to rider, the arc was always going to be large, hence the inward bend on the bar ends. A coat rack provided the perfect rounded bars. The bar ends are the original cruiser bars from Free Spirit chopped in half and joined to the coat rack.

Still to come: Granny Kart detachable backrest/shopping trolley — Stubbie holder in free/cyclops headstem join. Front end BBQ attachment (slot into "free spirit" dropouts). Brakes :)


Total bike costs: approx $15 in welding wire and cutting disc.

The Ride: Remarkably well balanced - the front end does not slide out like many other heavily raked long choppers. FAST! Thanks to the streamlined aerodynamics. Surprisingly manoeuvrable for such a long bike (can easily turn round on a narrow road). Uber comfortable.


As yet un-tested.

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