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Jasmine Bennett


Busta Wonky


Medium Tall - little bike on big bike.  I wanted an easy access tallbike for people of the shorter variety, that still rode like a regular bike.  And I wanted her to look kind of attractive, so I picked two bikes with nice geometry.  That’s as deep as it gets.


An Apollo ‘Jasmine’ pink kiddie frame, welded to a ladies green ‘Bennett’ frame.  There’s a big chunk of solid steel in there somewhere to make me feel like she’s not going to fall apart.  Oh, and there’s this clever little bit where the top fork is perpendicular to the bottom fork – trippy!


Jasmine occasionally goes by Medium Strawberry Chicken Milkshake – “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard”


Our (me and Shonky’s) quasi-naming ride (which has not been written-up as yet), where I first rode my bike, literally minutes after finishing it, drank a bottle of wine and couldn’t mount for awhile…

We can only assume that the half-drunk beer is out of shot...

Look at all those safety-bikers looking on in awe!

Stacks well. Easy to store.

Rides well too :)

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