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Master Gravity Esquire

When pulled apart, they become The Master and Gravity...

Master Gravity Esquire is a double tallbike cargo vehicle, good for transporting party supplies, broken choppers and raw materials (beer).


Limp Jimmy, co-builders Nancy Porker and Small Boat Alert.


It started as a drunken, silly idea... no surprises there. Specifications included a double tallbike to carry half a tonne of cargo, and fit (1) a DJ, 500W PA system, generator and smoke machine; or (2) a fancy leather reclining VIP chair (as seen below); or (3) several kegs of beer; or (4) Nancy's Webber BBQ and plenty of iced beer.


It had to be ready for Skid Mark's Carillon Ride Party, so many cold and lonely nights doing battle with beer, steel and power tools. I made it JUST on time for the party (which may have fully flopped without Master Gravity), which got a touch out of hand when the ever-spirited Nudge took one of the halves (The Master, from memory) and ran it into a stone wall at speed, in the dead of night.


I was sitting at The Bike Tardis about to start building this thing, when I asked myself a simple question: "What the bitchin'-Bob am I gonna do with a double tallbike when it was done?". That's when I decided to make it so that you can seperate them with a spanner — yes, that was a good idea, though we have only seperated it once, 'cos it's proven to be a pretty handy cargo mothership.


In October 2005, Master Gravity Esquire took line honours in the 2005 MONT 24-hour mountain bike race, recieving national coverage! — FARK, we messed with the odd head or two that weekend!!

Late one night at The Bike Tardis...

The Carilion Party Ride

We'll let you in on a bit of a secret, Master Gravity Esquire took line honours in the 2005 MONT 24hr by taking a little shortcut and having some mid-lap downtime :)

Ah, it's a summer bike, really...

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