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Wheelf (Wheelchair Friendly – chopper)

What's in a Name? Short for Wheelchair Friendly as I discovered she did not like going up gutters on one of her early rides, when I took a good spill, lost a bit of bark, and considerably bent the front forks.


Nancy Porker




This was the second chopper in the Rat Patrol Oz fleet. Learning that seat to crank distance is important for a comfy enduro ride, a ladies bike with high seat post, low top tube was selected. This frame also allowed for a considerable rake angle for the longest possible forks with minimal mods. Later additions have included front fork reinforcement, bling wheels, non-functioning speedo (knowing one's speed is irrelevant on a chopper), and christmas lights :)


Most people can't ride it to begin with, getting twitched off thanks to the "power steering". This is probably to do with the bars being tilted a long way forward and being so freakin big! Relaxation is the key (as with most bikes). Once mastered she's a dream to carve down the street. Small movements of weight and turn of the bars relate to big movements underneath you. So provided you relax, you can make huge turns whilst your body stays seemingly motionles


Probably carving through the traffic, people and madness on the Summerats ride. But any ride you can test your precision riding is great with this bike.

>>> Pic: Whelf at an Art of Moving Launch in March 2007 — pic by Tim Raupach (

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