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Bell Weekend

The shout-out

Bell (Adelaide Tounge of Fire freakbiker superb) arrives at Canberra Airport this Satdee at 6.15pm, and we are gonna pick her up on the world's first tall amphibious couch trike that should ensure a memorable first-time visit to our amazing little city.

Loose, are you representing with us on Saturday to pick up Bell from the airport already?

+ perhaps you can call a Rat Ride for Sunday eve too?
Sam, you still up for it? Angel, you want in?
Splat's in, 2harmpz is in, Jo is in (fuk, she ROCKS!!), Dogga will also be with us :)

How about we leave The Tardis at 4pm, to arrive by 6.15, head down to the Molonglo to meet Sam (6.40ish), load a bike or 2 on the Turtle, go downstream, get out again at end-o-Molonglo or city (depending on the weather conditions), head into th city from there?

Suggested route attched (seems like the flattest [therefore easiest 4 trike!] route?)... wotchaz rekon? I'm hopin it'll be an easterly wind!!!

I'll go and scope out water launch points and aquire replacement rear wheels for the trike after school today... purchase a bottle of champagne for Bell's arrival... then I will engage in more trike repairs into the night...

On the day

Well, everyone bailed because it was raining a bit and because they are really soft and lame, all except Two Humps. We represented in style...

The map Plan B indicates a best-case scenario route. We pretty-much took that route :D

2humps and I sadly rode SS Mitzie valiantly to the airport under great duress, and without any freakbikery backup.

But it was an incredible entrance to Canberra for Bell! As soon as she came aboard at the airport and the first of many champagne toasts were underway, the heavens opened wide and splashed INTENSE orange light all around... the skies turned red and purple... WOW.

Once we sorted out the 10 cops and many cop cars that literally swarmed around the unattended "device" (as it was being reffered to as!), we headed to the Boathouse Restuarant, and just as we hit the water at impressive speed, the strong wind changed direction — it now came strongly from the East giving us a generous downwind dream run through the city! Amazing!

So, we sailed under Kings Av Bridge, moored outside the High Court for a while, then went under Commonwealth Av Bridge and landed at Acton Ferry Terminal. The very moment we came ashore, the wind started to HOWL from the opposite direction! If the wind change had happened literally 3 mins earlier, we would've all been farked!!! SOOOOOO lucky! Fak!!!

Sanj learnt that when at sea and standing on the floats to relieve one's bladder, it's best to be pointing downwind...

We pedalled thru the threatening weather for about 7 hours and bent both bac wheels pretty badly... but not quite badly enough to stop us limping back to it's new home at Nancy and Scujette's pad. We were both fully over the couch trike by then!!!! I wanted it destroyed. We didn't take any photos, as that may have compromised our journey.

The next day

Thanks to Loose for gettin' stuff together for the next night's ride, repairing MGE and setting her up with th BBQ and cold beers. T'was great, and she loved being there!! This morning at 3.30am, she and Dogga were still awake from the night before. Dogga and I wished her a nice trip back to Adelaide with big smiles allround :D

I think Bell rather enjoyed and appreciated her first entrance to The Nations' Capital :)

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