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Byron Manor

Proudly brought to us by Two Humpz:

Thanks to everyone for makin it and putting in the effort to get there !!! Particular thanks to Dan an Nic for bringing the bikes — mammoth effort !

There were hundreds of fine moments through the week I'm sure we'ee be reliving them regularly... But a quick snapshot of things which I kinda remember and want to thank people for:

  • Charlie for getting the week started off with a bang
  • Adam and Valeska for continuing where Charlie left off
  • Shan and Elliott both makin it when they thought they wouldn't - (& finding the secret bedroom)
  • Juanita for the cake and not fightin with Hugh for the front seat on the way up
  • Matt and Michelle for makin my life easy in many ways and of course the roasts and dumplings
  • Jo and her sisters for keeping the testosterone in check
  • Hugh for being the chalk to my cheese as always
  • James for being James and keepin me honest (and inviting jenny)
  • Neet for the enchilada's and always doing and being..
  • Jono and Marrisa for coming down and finaly givin us a chance to catch up
  • Lise, Jo and Sussana for giving the week a great scandanavian flavour
  • Nic for still bein the man even if his neck tried to stop him
  • Dogga for being the great rockstar that he is
  • Dan for his tireless energy, being the complete action man and organising free handgliding for the crew
  • If I missed anyone sorry but my mind is still a bit hazzy.. Thanks also
  • All the drop ins which kept it all fresh and different!

Ah hell I could go on all day let just say it was brilliant to have everyone together, with no drama's no hassles and heaps of good company, fun and frivolity, and lots of love and good karma!!!

As far as the business end of town.. I frankly can't remember exactly who gave me what, I only have vague recollections...

Cheers y'all :D

Finally to those friends of ours who didn't make it....

Suck my balls Gar'ar...

Love from Two Humpz

The view from the upstairs balcony, not bad.

We left town on our 1,400km journey, 2 cars packed with people and gear, a shitload of freakbikes and a couple of hang gliders. After 20km, Porker and Limp wanted to stop at their local launch site for some reason; because oh, the wind was almost right for flying... but not quite. The picture above is taken from launch, with the landing area clearly visible a few hundred metres below. Another time... maybe in Byron Bay :)

We couldn't believe the place when we arrived... WTF?!?! It was a full pimping MANSION!!
The first thing Limp Jimmy did when he arrived was take his new phone for a swim — but you do whatever you want when you're a rockstar.

< Lise blows kisses to YOU >

One of our Scandanavian guests adding to the pimpness and general beauty of the place. They couldn't believe they were at a place like this either!!!! Doesn't look like much of a dinner table, but it seats at least 20 peeps in lavish comfort. Of course their was a pool table, which our in-house professional croupier setup regularly for some gamblin'...

There wasn't much to do except eat amazing food, drink, smoke, swim, spa, surf, dive, fly, play music and sleep. Pretty boring, really...

I could think of worse things to wake up to everyday.

Every night was a party...

Nancy and Limp met and became soul brothers with Juan... not only is he the Byron Bay Hang Glider Safety Officer, but an amazing beautiful man.

Limp had slipped disk at C7 issues most of the week, so while Nancy flew like a bird this day, he diligently worked as Juan's wingman and trusted weather vein, assisting in taking half our crew on their first-time tandem flights, which were free for Byron Rats. The above pic inset indicates something of what free flight feels like the first time... pretty good.

Of course, we shared the 10km freakride to Byron Bay on the Pacific Highway with many trucks, buses and cars — a scary journey. But at least we were stupidly drunk!! I don't think we took any pictures of that ride.

Final Day

After we had done all the moping up at the Manor, we all left it for the last time, thankfully Limp's neck was a tad better and the wind was perfect for flying. He and Nancy insisted on making the first stop of the return journey back to Canberra after only 10km... at the Bryon Bay Lighthouse launch... funny that! They flew for an hour, landed barefoot on the beach, went for a surf, then packed up their gliders and left...


Without Two Humpz's efforts, none of us would have ever known about this place... thanx to Two Humpz!!!!!


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