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CorinBomb 2007

CorinBomb? Zoobomb? What dat?!?!?

The term CorinBomb is based on Zoobomb: it started in Portland, where they regularly bomb down the biggest mountain around on kiddy bikes — we'll be doing it with freakbikes of all description. It will be dangerous, fun and we'll get drunk too. Here's a Zoobomb vid: ...


Why do CorinBomb?

What do you do with 600m of vertical forest road? We've been thinking about it for ages... a long, steep, winding, dangerous road... mmm. Also, we had an excuse by way of helping out the Corinbank festival crew, for some viral marketing footage to promote their festival which starts on Leap Year Day 2008... it had all the ingredients, and was just the excuse we were waiting for!

freakbikes + long, steep, winding, dangerous road + beer + gravity   =   _CORINBOMB_


Meet n' greet

It was a FINE morning... EVERYBODY SEEMED HAPPY TO BE AWAKE BEFORE MIDDAY ON A WEEKEND! That's right, today was CorinBomb Day::: we had been waiting for this day all our lives.

9am became 10am — sure, some people said they'd turn up and didn't, but that's OK in this Rat context... the ones who needed to be there, were. We are the brave.

Time to prepare: fix the odd braking system, don protective gear, drink beer or whatever anyone hands you...

Do a bit of planning with the producer... put on your girly hats (or tights)... then take a deep breath.


Let's ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then it's time to ride. At the top, Capt'n Flapper was concerned about pedalling issues... by the time he finally made it down, he agreed that brakes can sometimes be more important!

I've often wondered why Nancy Porker seems universally attractive to women. I still wonder.


Again, again???? Yep, let's go again!

It's worth it for the trailer ride up...

Adrenaline does funny things to you. Porker doesn't smoke. You do whatever it is you think you have to do.


Gutcam action from Disaster Area...

Chek a little piece...

CorinBomb downhill gutcam

CorinBomb: let's go

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