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MS Sydney to The Gong 2008

This time it was 9 tallbikes among 14,000 safety bike riders!!! Our total crew numbered at around 19 peeps — great ride Rat Patrol!

Thanks to 2humpz for getting the accoms together and thanks to Monocle Chunder and Lice Rach for turning up to party and go through Monocle's Induction Ride. Monocle will no doubt send in a write-up of events soooooon...

The Crew in 2008 — Safety Stopping at Gunjilla Flats.

The start.

It pays to be prepared on a 56k ride.

Just after the start... well, just before the downhill sections (we thought we'd behave like sheep until then).

Porker wasn't having a good time.

Dr Splat WAS having a good time!

2humpz: about to have a bad time...

Shonkster testing gravity before going over the Seacliff Bridge (just visible in the background).

Time for a rest and to wait for the stragglers — the Rat Patrol Oz version of the meat wagon.

Matt The Beer Carrier — but we forgot to actually pack beers before the start! No wonder he's smiling.

Busta Wonky easily out-rides a guy on a single speed unicycle. That guy is a pussy. "Chuck a farken mono, mate!"

Oh, I wonder if those people are from the Rat Patrol.

That guy is obviously shonky.


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