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Runaway Riders: A WARNING TO ALL

What's good about fleeing home without telling anybody in the middle of a Rat Ride? Nothing.

The problem is that if the Rat Riders don't know where you are, they have to wait for you or search for you... that ain't cool. We can't just leave our Rats to become victims of the night.

Consider the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. If Runaway Riders were to persist, the mere fabric of an Oz Rat Ride would be in serious jeopardy.

This dangerous trend was unsurprisingly started by Loose Brown (yes, one of our very own), it then began to become quite common practice for Loose and his Runaway students, namely his brother Formerly Known As Chris (yet to be named) and Father knob to slink away in the dead of night in order to avoid the significant forces of persuasion of the group. Ok ok, such persuasion includes tackling Runaways to the ground or other methods of physical restraint... but that's way better than feeling the burning stare of your Rat Comrades on your back, after the ride...

Fortunately, the 3 main offenders have mended their ways, but it serves as a lesson to all of us. If you wanna bail on a Rat Ride, that's ok(ish) — LET SOMEONE KNOW!

Do you want to bear these dark stares of death?? No... no, you don't.

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