Johnny Payphone vs. Neck-Rat.

Note Johnny's clean, straight approach. Result: Johnny. A flaw in the padding of Johnny's lance caused PVC to hit Neck-Rat in the ribs and crack them.

Nate vs Monkey Rat. Monkey Rat was suffering from a straightedger-on-caffeine energy-drink crash. Result: Nate.


Dr. Kludge vs. Robert Rabbit. Result: Draw. If there was such thing as a technical win, I think Robert loses.

Rematch. Result: ???

Payphone vs. Tori (Klunker League Now). Tori's superior reach gets him first contact, but bows from an indirect approach. Still, Payphone's lance never connects. Result: Tori.

Sick-Rat vs. Nate. This approach went wide. Result: Nate.

Tori vs. Nate. Result: Draw.


Result: Nate. Nate becomes tallbike jousting champion of Chicago.

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