The Rat Patrol has been passing down the same beat up screens, complete with welding spark holes, through the generations. A few new screens have been made along the way.



The Year Rat

Members earn one for every year in the club


St. Ratrick's Day

Earned by attending a St Ratrick's Day Ride, As of 2008 there is a spefic color screened for each year

Deep Digger

For the most ambitious of dumpster divers

Red Rat of Courage

The patch no one wants to earn. This patch can only be worn by those who have gone to the hospital from sustaining an injury while on a freak bike

Uncle Grandpa

This patch is earned by doing something terrible while under the influence of Uncle Grandpa

Rat Calvary

This Patch is given to non rats who help a rat in distress






Freak Bike For Life

Earned by those who denounce all other forms of transportation but freak bikes


Choppers for Life

Earned by those who denounce all other forms of transportation including non-chopper freak bikes



No Presidents No Prospects

Rat Patrol takes pride in its inclusive club policy

Certified Dumpster Inspector

Never get hasseled by a store employee again; just flash this

Winter Rat

Yes its cold, yes, there's snow, put on more clothes, fuck winter


Bubbly Dynamics

Earned by Rats who did work to pay our "rent" at Bubbly Dynamics. As we no longer have a build space there, this patch is now retired.

Lab Rat

Earned by being especially creative in building

River Rat

Another patch no one wants to earn. When you are forced to get into the Chicago River this is your only consellation



Keep track of how far your freak bike has made it

Organic Mechanic

For Rats who can fix their busted up bike with anything lying around

Chicago <3 Nashville

Earned by traveling from one chapter to the other



Rat of the Year

Given to the best and sometimes worst rat

Brunch Patrol

If rats can't feed, rats can't breed

Scally Rats

For those too ratty for the Scallywags but still keen on Jesus




Earned by Zoobombing in Portland

Pixie Power

For the tiny bike enthusiast

In Satan We Bike

For rats not so keen on Jesus




There is no way to quit Rat Patrol. For those more casual about their Rat status there are various friendship patches. These patches are also for members of other clubs.