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R.I.P. Disaster Area: April 2006 - December 2010

>>> Pic: DA at an Art of Moving Launch in March 2007 — pic by Tim Raupach (


Limp Jimmy


Triple-high tallbike with frame-flex rear suspension


Loose Brown was house-minding the Flying Pigsty one time, and I woke up there one rather seedy morning to the thought that I really should get around to making a tallbike... a day later, it was real.


Named after the band that plays in the Restauraunt at the End of the Universe...


Tallbike Convention, Adelaide — or mebbe riding down the highway to Byron Bay...? Who knows! I ride him most days; it's my favourite bike!!


Part II: the disaster...

It's easy enough to stamp on the brake pedal in fright, also easy enough to hit the accelerator instead of the brake... it just doesn't happen to most.

After 20,000km across several different states, Disaster Area was finally crushed beyond repair in December 2010 by a car — a complete write-off (except the handlebars and seat).

They say every end is a new beginning. Herein lies the plan :)

And this is how Disaster Area's life as a bicycle ended...

So, after dragging it all the way home that night I had a good look at it in the clear light of the next day, hoping for the best. But alas, the situation was as I had feared, pretty-much a total write-off, as all frames (all bent and cracks throughout), both wheels and chainrings were damaged beyond repair... oh well, at least nobody got hurt :)

And so it was, the end of one is the beginning of another...

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