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The Penthouse (tall)


Loose Brown


Who can tell from Loose's description? Oh yeah, it's orange.


MGE or The Penthouse???


MGE should stay together


On MGE...?

Loose Brown [a victim of a wandering mind] writes:

This bike was Rat Patrol Oz's first stand alone tallbike. [well actually, that's not at all true, but keep reading anyway...]

Of course, Master Gravity Esquire (MGE) consists of two tallbikes, and it was built first, but The Master and Gravity seem to spend their whole time bolted together, in a really practical way. Just like a pair of co-joined twins for example, that grew an extra appendage that was useful for carrying a BBQ and Esky, the co-joined twins could be forgiven for asking, "Why undergo the operation? Why take the risk of separation and all its dangers when we could happily co-exist carrying along this BBQ and Esky full of beer until our lives end? It certainly is a good hit with the ladies at parties! Indeed — what is better? To be blessed with an awesome carrying capacity or to simply be another pair of individuals who have been surgically separated with a blunt spanner?"

So for all intents and purposes, MGE remains a cargo bike. Its role in the development of our fleet of tallbikes has now been acknowledged, and we can move on. However not without saying that it was at the Carillion party for Marky B's birthday where we did indeed separate MGE into two separate tallies, and look what happened. One was ridden into the gutter and had it's front forks bent, a sort of parable really of a tale of the separation of two co-joined twins where one immediately dies during or immediately after the operation, very sadly, or maybe one twin who misses the other so badly and resorts to self-harm. Possibly even by riding their bicycle into a gutter at high speed and bending the front forks and flying into the road — just like what happened at Marky B's birthday. Possibly the separated twin could even build a cargo bike made up of twin tallbikes and ride it into the gutter at high speed, possibly even just one of the bikes when the craft has been separated, and thus creating a massive loop in the space time continuum not unlike that moment in Back to the Future where the hero goes back in time to make sure his parents fall in love and create him. Which raises the question, how could he exist if he had to travel back in time to make his parents get together? Because obviously without him being there, they wouldn't have had him, so how could he exist in the first place!? The obvious lesson from this is not to mess with time machines.

Anyway, this beautiful orange steed continues to be my rat ride standby and I am very grateful to it. It does need a new rear wheel however, thanks to too many wheelies. It also needs some lights.

[So, what's the moral of this story, kids? Say NO to drugs]

MGE? Penthouse? MGE? Penthouse? MGE? Penthouse? MGE? Penthouse? MGE? Penthouse?


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