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This is where we plot our assault on benign normality... we aspire to inspire.

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Limp Jimmy and Loose Brown plot an Airline Disaster Party, or was it the Secret Agent Party?!?


This, found online by Brazen Buck Blowout V — mind-bogglingly wonderful!


An aqua tallbike from C.H.U.N.K. 666 (mutant bicycle jaunting club and tallbike youth brigade with members in Portland, Oregon and Brooklyn, New York)


A valid, workable idea from Brandi Wrekt'em. Who knows...


Loose Brown's hang bike, already named Missionary Impossible — HA HA!!!
Nancy already had the idea of a hang bike, but Loose was first to draw a picture and send it in...


Here is Matt's Harbour Brdige Bike, that'll take a bit of welding


Funeral Bike (chuck a mono!)


The Prop Bike, as featured on Popular Mechanics... a public liability issue if nothing else!


Tall swing bike, now we're talking!



Then there's this guy... personally, I don't dig white dudes who wear a moustache and stick many newspaper clippings to the walls of the room in their house with no windows... and why build a sideways bike if you're not looking for a disaster recipe?? But anyways... here is his website.


Pretty cool tall trike, not so many bike parts used... and it doesn't float.


Yeah, nice.




Zed's Dead


Disaster Area


SS Mitzie

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